Central Permitting


Central Permitting provides services relating to development in Hoke County. The services include building inspections, septic tank permits, development plan review, ordinance enforcement and other activities. Below are overviews of what each department addresses.

The Planning Department, Building Inspections and Environmental Health may be reached at (910) 875-8407.

Questions related to the North Carolina Fire Code including questions related to any fire related permits should be directed to Emergency Management at (910) 875-4126 or follow the link to the left to the Hoke County Emergency Management webpage.

Planning and Zoning

The Hoke County Planning Department is responsible for enforcing the Hoke County Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances. These documents help ensure the equitable and efficient development of land in keeping with the goals and objectives set by the citizens and elected leaders of the county. The Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances control how land may be used, how large or small new parcels of land can be, setbacks from property lines, how much parking businesses should have and other related topics.

Building Inspections

The Hoke County Building Inspections Department is responsible for enforcing the North Carolina Building Code. After a Zoning Permit is issued the Building Inspections Department reviews building plans to ensure they meet the minimum life-safety requirements for construction projects. This includes reviews of electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems.

Environmental Health

The Environmental Health division of the Health Department is responsible for permitting wells and septic tanks as well as performing health inspections for various types of businesses including restaurants.

Fire Inspections

The Fire Marshall with Hoke County Emergency Management enforces the North Carolina Fire Code. They issue permits and perform inspections to ensure projects are being completed safely. They also perform regular state required inspections of places such as schools, churches, day cares and other businesses and institutions.

While the Planning, Building Inspections, Environmental Health and Fire Marshall are separate departments they are conveniently located near each other and work closely together to ensure development is done correctly and will be an asset to the county.