Mission Statement

The Mission of the Hoke County Board of Elections is to conduct fair, honest, and impartial elections all while providing the citizens of our county with the opportunity to register to vote, to exercise one of their guaranteed rights, the right to vote. We also aspire to provide the highest degree of service to all candidates during the electoral process. 

Our Services

The Hoke County Board of Elections has been serving its citizens since the 1950’s. As of today Hoke County has 30,000 plus registered voters, with fifteen precincts, and two one stop locations.

  • Registers voters and maintains voter records;

  • Files candidates, prepare and issue ballots, and conduct elections;

  • Appoints and trains poll workers;

  • Sets precinct lines, and arranges for polling places in each precinct;

  • Reviews and verifies petitions;

  • Receives and preserves campaign reports;

  • Hears Challenges and protests, and investigate allegations and irregularities.

VR STATS 8.31.2022