Subdivision Review Board

Prior to being heard by the Planning Board all Major Preliminary Plans will be reviewed by the Subdivision Review Committee (SRC). As authorized by Section 1.9 of this ordinance, the SRC will exist as a technical advisory committee only. Following the SRC review, the Subdivision Administrator shall forward the staff and SRC findings and recommendations to the Planning Board. The SRC shall consist of, but not be limited to, representatives of the following departments or agencies: Planning, Environmental Health, NCDOT, Emergency Services, and Soil and Water Conservation. SRC members may also include, as needed, representatives of other local, county, state, and federal agencies as well as representatives of public or privately owned utility providers. The subdivision administrator shall be responsible for scheduling SRC meetings and coordinating the review of subdivision plats.

Once a plan has been reviewed by the SRC, plans and plats, in the proper form, may be submitted to the subdivision administrator for review and consideration by the Planning Board, according to the following schedule: (Note: The subdivision administrator may refuse to accept the submission of any plans, plats or supporting documents which in his opinion do not meet the standards for such submittals as contained in the Manual of Practices and this Ordinance.)