Manufactured Homes

Definition of Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Homes are considered single family residential units and are in frequent use by the citizens of Hoke County as homes. Found in Chapter 15 Definitions, the Hoke County Zoning Ordinance contains three definitions related to the subject of manufactured homes. The ordinance first describes what a manufactured home is then breaks them down into two different groups.

A manufactured home is a structure that:

  • Consists of a single unit completely assembled at the factory or of multiple principal components totally assembled at the factory and joined together at the site;
  • Is designed so that the total structure (or in the case of a double-wide or triple-wide, each component thereof can be transported on its own chassis);
  • Is over 40 feet long and over 10 feet wide;
  • Is originally designed for human occupancy and provides complete, independent living facilities for one family when connected to required utilities; and
  • Does not meet all requirements of the North Carolina Uniform Residential Building Code

Now that we know what a manufactured home is the Zoning Ordinance organizes manufactured homes into two different types. The different types are based only on age, not by the size of the home. The two classifications are Class A and Class B. Class A and Class B manufactured homes are defined in the Hoke County Zoning Ordinance as:

  • Manufactured Home, Class A: A double or triple-wide or larger manufactured home constructed after July 13, 1994 that meets or exceeds the construction standards promulgated by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development that were in effect at the time of construction.
  • Manufactured Home, Class B: Any manufactured home commonly referred to as a single-wide manufactured home.

For questions about permitting for Class A and Class B Manufactured Homes please contact the Hoke County Planning Department.