Family Subdivision

*There is no subdivision fee required by Hoke County when creating a family subdivision plat.* 

Definition of Family Subdivision

Family Subdivision - A division of land solely among direct lineal descendents (parent to child only) and direct lineal ascendants (child to parent only); when a parent makes a one time gift to a child or a child makes a one time gift to a parent of a parcel of land divided from the child's or parent's property. All Family Subdivisions must comply with Section 4.12 Family Subdivisions of [the Hoke County Subdivision Ordinance]. Family Subdivisions are exempt from the Subdivision Fee requirements of Hoke County.

Section 4.12 Family Subdivisions

The subdivision administrator may approve as a minor subdivision the creation of up to three lots in one year, plus the residual lot, from a lot of record existing at the effective date of this ordinance for a Family Subdivision. For all Family Subdivisions, proof of kinship in the form of a birth certificate or similar legal document is required before final approval is granted. No more than six lots from the original parcel may be approved under the provisions of this ordinance by the administrator. The lots created under this section shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Each lot that does not front on a public street shall be connected to a public street by a minimum thirty (30) foot recorded easement;
  2. Not more than six lots shall be created which have sole frontage on any one easement. Any required setbacks shall be measured from the easement;
  3. Each easement shall originate with a connection to a public street
  4. The family member grantee shall retain ownership for a minimum of two years

If you have any questions regarding family subdivisions, the process or the information on this page do not hesitate to contact the Hoke County Planning Department.