Permit Fees Schedule

Adopted 06/28/2016   Effective 07/01/2016

Permit Information?

Square foot and Graduated Fee Scale will be calculated for each Permit as Listed.
The higher permit fee calculated will be used.

All fees will be double if work begins without a permit.

New Construction Basic Permit Requirements

(This does not cover other permits that may be required.)

New Construction, Residential

Permit TypeHeated / Unheated Cost
Processing Fee$200.00 Non-Refundable
Building$0.35 per square foot
Electrical Panel$200.00 plus $0.25 per amp over 200 amps
Mechanical HVAC$100.00 plus $10.00 over 5 tons
Plumbing Only$200.00 per dwelling
Insulation$100.00 per dwelling

New Construction, Commercial

Permit TypeHeated / Unheated Cost
Building$0.55 per square foot or Graduated Scale Fee
ElectricalStandard or Graduated Fee Scale
MechanicalStandard or Graduated Fee Scale
PlumbingStandard or Graduated Fee Scale
Insulation$100.00 per floor
Other$50.00 each

Renovation / Up-Fit Permit

(This does not cover other permits that may be required.)

Type of PermitCost
Residential$0.175 per square foot
Commercial$0.275 per square foot
Graduated Fee ScaleCost of Project

Manufactured Home Basic Permit Requirements

(This does not cover other permits that may be required or Modular Buildings.)

All Single, Double and Triple-WideCost

Moving Building

Inspection require before moving. Note:

  • Mover must provide copy of license.
  • Mover must post bond to the county in the amount of $500.00 to ensure the property is cleaned once the home has been moved. This applies to homes within the county.

Electrical Permits

Type of PermitCost
New Construction (up to 200 amp per panel)$200.00
Each additional amp above 200 amps$0.25
Temporary Construction Service (60 amp service)$50.00
Service Pole (100 amp Maximum for pump, fences, gats, etc.)$50.00
Low Voltage$150.00
HVAC Wiring (per unit)$50.00
Fire Alarm Service (per system)$150.00
Hood Suppression Service (per hood)$150.00
Service Change (up to 200amp per panel)$100.00
Each additional amp above 200 amps$0.25
Graduated Fee ScaleSee Scale
Other$50.00 each

Plumbing Permits

Type of PermitCost
New Construction (per system)$200.00
Sewer Connection (per system)$40.00
Water Line Connection (per system)$40.00
Water Heater (per unit)$40.00
Lawn Sprinkler System (per system)$100.00
Residential Fire Sprinkler System (per system)$150.00
Backflow Preventer$100.00
Grease Trap (per unit)$40.00
Other$50.00 each

Mechanical Permits

Permit TypeCost
New Installation (per system)$100.00
Each Ton Over 5 Tons$10.00
Change - Out Up to 5 Tons (per system)$60.00
Each Ton Over 5 Tons$10.00
Gas Piping (per system)$50.00
Commercial Hood (per hood)$60.00
Refrigeration, Furnace, Boiler, Conversion, Heat Exchanger, Water-Heating System and Commercial Hot Water-HeaterBased off BTUs
Up to 100,000 BTU$50.00
100,001 to 250,000 BTU$60.00
250,001 to 450,000 BTU$70.00
450,001 to 650,000 BTU$80.00
650,001 to 850,000 BTU$90.00
850,001 to 1,500,000 BTU$100.00
All over 1,500,000 BTU$110.00
Graduated Fee Scale - CommercialSee scale

Other Permits

Type of PermitCost
ABC Inspection$100.00
Tent Permit$100.00
Therapeutic Homes Inspection$100.00
Day Care Inspection$100.00
Swimming Pool
Includes: National Electrical Code
Residential Building Code Appendix G Pools
Generator (includes electrical and fuel supply)$200.00
Cell Towers$2,500.00

Sign Permits

Type of PermitCost
Lighted Sign (includes electrical)$100.00
Non-Lighted Sign (includes electrical)$75.00
Subdivision Sign$100.00

Free standing sign drawings must show height from the ground to top of the sign and footing detail and must have engineered footing detail for ground signs over 42". On-site detailed plans for installation of any Signs are required for Inspection.

Graduated Fee Scale based on Cost of Project

$0 - $100,000$0.015 x cost of project
$100,001 - $500,000$1500.00 plus $.0015 x cost of project
$500,001 - $1,000,000$2250.00 plus $.00079 x cost of project
Over $1,000,000$3040.00 plus $.0009 x cost of project

Graduated fee will apply as applicable.
Larger amount of Graduated fee or Standard fee applies.

Multi-Family Inspection Fees Basic Permit Requirements
This does not cover other permits that may be required.

Type of PermitCost
BuildingGraduated Scale per building
Electrical$50.00 per unit
Plumbing$50.00 per unit
Mechanical$100.00 per unit
Insulation$100.00 per building
Process$200.00 per building
SprinklersSee Fire Inspector

Reinspection Fees / Penalties

Number of ReinspectionCost
1st Re-inspection$30.00
2nd Re-inspection$60.00
3rd Re-inspection$90.00
Re-inspection after 3rd inspectionDoubles each time after the third reinspection

All fees will be double if work begins without a permit.

Printable PDF Copy of Fee Schedule Available Here