Patrol/Road Commander

Hoke County Sheriff's Office Road Patrol officers are usually the first point of contact with citizens. Therefore, each officer is expected to offer the best first impression possible, through honest, efficient, and professional performance of their duties. They are required to maintain this standard by familiarizing themselves with the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics and the Hoke County Sheriff's Office Policies and Procedures.

The main function of the road patrol is to be the first responder for all calls coming through the Hoke County Communication Center (911). Among other duties, the road patrol officer will secure crime scenes, conduct traffic enforcement activities, effect arrests for misdemeanor violations, transport inmates and incompetents to directed locations, and serve civil and criminal papers.

The road patrol consists of four platoons: "A" Platoon, "B" Platoon, "C" Platoon, and "D" Platoon.

  1. Darnell Jacobs (Cpt.)

    Road Commander/Traffic