Evidence Section

The Hoke County Sheriff's Office Evidence Section is responsible for receiving and safe storage of all evidence and seized property. Each item received in a case is assigned a storage location and all information regarding the case is properly recorded and entered into a database following the chain of custody.

Crime Scene Investigations

Evidence Technicians assist in investigating and processing crime scene evidence, crime scene photography, latent print on various surfaces, and DNA collection, including the use of alternate light sources.

Return of Found/Seized Property

Strict guidelines dictate when evidence may be turned over to its rightful owner. Depending on the disposition of each case, the evidentiary value of the property, and the type of evidence, items will either be returned to their rightful owner, retained or disposed of at public auction, or destroyed, as permitted by law. If any item was taken as evidence in the course of a lawful investigation it can be returned once the case has been adjudicated and a lawful order signed by a court official has been processed through the clerk of court's office. Any request for the return of property must be made in writing to:

Requests for the return of property must include:

  • A complete description of the property
  • The approximate date of seizure or loss
  • Reasonable proof of ownership.
  1. Chris Sanderson (Sgt.)


  2. Krystal Glover (Sgt.)