Investigation/Assessment & In-Home Services

Child Protective Services Investigation/Assessment and In-Home Services Unit
Child Protective Services (CPS) must be provided by all 100 counties in North Carolina, per state law. The law requires that children's basic needs (i.e., food, clothing, shelter, education, and health) are adequately met. Child Protective Services (CPS) covers all children under the age of 18 years.

The law requires that anyone who suspects a child is being maltreated must report the concern to Child Protective Services at a County Department of Social Services. Reports of child abuse and/or neglect can be made in person at the Hoke County Department of Social Services (314 S. Magnolia Street, Raeford) or via telephone to the Department at 910-875-8725 or 910-878-1988, during normal business hours. After hours, weekends, and on holidays, please call 911 to make a CPS report or if outside Hoke County telephone exchange dial 1-877-257-9211. Anonymous reports are accepted, but we encourage you to provide your contact information in case additional follow up with you is necessary. CPS reporter names are confidential and can only be released under very limited means (court order).

The CPS Investigation/Assessment and In-Home Services unit conducts CPS investigations/assessments of child abuse, neglect, and dependency. Often times, families involved with DSS during the CPS investigation/assessment phase are able to correct identified concerns during this initial contact and don't require further child protective services. In other cases, additional CPS services are needed to ensure continued child safety. Depending on the safety and risk to the children, either CPS In-Home Services are put in place or in the most serious of cases, Foster Care Services are initiated. 

CPS in-Home Services are intensive case management services offered to a family designed to reduce risk and ensure safety of children remaining in the home. Families involved with CPS In-Home Services generally receive such services for 6-9 months. A Social Worker is assigned to work with the family to address the needs identified via a family case plan. Most of the time, families are able to turn their needs into strengths, reduce risk, and ensure child safety, after being involved in CPS In-Home Services. In those few situations where In-Home Services are not sufficient to ensure child safety, Foster Care Services are initiated.