Foster Information

Why do we foster animals?

The shelter allows residents of Hoke County to foster animals for a brief period of time. During the foster period you can take the animal home on a trial basis to ensure that they will fit into your household. Animals are fostered for a variety of reasons. Some are too young for adoption, some need a home in which to recover after a medical procedure, some are pregnant or nursing, and some need more socialization. Foster families provide the love and stability these animals need to be happy and healthy, both mentally and physically. When an animal has been in a foster home, it is more confident and social; therefore it transitions into its new home with ease!

Foster homes are also important because they provide more room at the Shelter. We have a limited amount of kennel space, so when foster families take in animals they are also helping other animals by opening up a kennel.

We also understand the importance of introducing a new dog/cat to your family, children, and other pets prior to making the lifelong commitment to adopt! If you would like more information of fostering please contact the shelter for more details. 

Become a Foster Volunteer