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Procedure for Soil Evaluation / Wastewater Disposal System

  1. Bring a plot plan or a site plan that shows the location of the home, the driveway and setbacks (front, sides, rear) and any well within 50 feet of the property line.
  2. The inspections department requires a zoning permit.
  3. Stake off all lot corners and four corners where the home is to be set.
  4. Place the orange colored card (issued by environmental health) on the property where it can be easily seen from the road.
  5. You must call this office to confirm that steps 3 and 4 are completed and confirm that you are ready for your soil / site evaluation. The phone number that you are to call to confirm is 910-878-1270.
    You must call between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Additional Reminders

  • After the septic permit has been issued then you may obtain other permits needed.
  • If you are building a house, you or your general contractor may then get your building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and insulation permits.
    (These need to be licensed contractors getting these permits.)
  • If you are getting a mobile home, your set-up contractor can get your electrical permit.
    (These need to be licensed contractors getting these permits.)
  • Please make sure your contractors have a copy of your septic permit.

Re-inspection Fee

If more than one visit has to be made to the site due to the failure of the requirements being completed, a re-inspection fee of $60 will be charged for each visit.