Fee Schedule

Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems

Soil Evaluation

Soil Evaluation in Gallons per DayFees in U.S. Dollars
1 - 1000350
1001 - 2000350
2001 - 3000400
> 3000500

Existing Systems

Inspection of Existing SystemFee in U.S. Dollars
For home addition, new pool, MHP system, relocation, etc100

Improvement Permits

ServiceFees in U.S. Dollars
Site re-visit to re-draw/issue/re-evaluate an Improvement Permit150
Revision of Improvement Permit without a site visit75

Repair Permits

Type of PermitFees in U.S. Dollars
Failing sewage disposal system investigation25
Failing sewage disposal system repair permit25

Call Back

ServiceFee in U.S. Dollars
Fee for unnecessary return trip for inspection60

Public Swimming Pools

Service or PermitFees in U.S. Dollars
Pool plan review250
Seasonal pool permit150
Year round pool permit200

Well and Water Samples

Type of Sample or PermitFees in U.S. Dollars
New well permit with water samples350
Inorganic Chemistry & Microbiology Test (Existing Wells)90
Bacteria water sample35
Inorganic water sample84
Inorganic Panel (Metals, Anions, Nitrates/Nitrites)88
Nitrate/Nitrite water sample38
Petroleum water sample90
Pesticide water sample90
Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs)90

Plan Review

Food Service Establishment Plan ReviewFee in U.S. Dollars
Restaurants, Food and Drink Stands, Meat Markets250

Tattoo Artist Fees

Type of Fee (Per Artist)Fee in U.S. Dollars
Tattoo artist annual fee250
Three day tattoo event100
Temporary Food EstablishmentsFee in U.S. Dollars
Per Event75

No refund once work has been completed. No refund on denied permits.

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