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Hoke County Utilities New Service Request

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  2. In order to obtain services please fill out and submit the following application. Service start date must be at least three business days from the submit date. You must also attach all necessary documentation. If you are purchasing or already own a home, we will need the Offer to Purchase, Settlement Statement, Closing Disclosure Statement or a copy of the Deed. If you are renting, we will need your rental agreement. In addition to the paperwork needed, you will also need to submit a copy of your ID. The name on the paperwork is the name the account must be in.

  3. Please follow the below link to complete the Hoke County Water User's Agreement. Please submit along with the other required forms.

  4. Once form is submitted, please allow 1-2 business day(s) for our office staff to contact you to collect payment for deposit and activation fee. If you do not hear from our office after 2 business days, please contact us at that time. If you have any questions in regards to completing the online application for service, please contact our office at (910) 875-6704.

  5. Submission of this form online does not guarantee service. Service cannot be started until all necessary documentation is received and payment is made.

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