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Posted on: April 14, 2017

Hoke County Timesheets Statement

Hoke County timesheets statement

Updated: April 14, 2017

As previously reported, the Hoke County government launched an internal investigation to review any irregular activity across its departments to ensure that no improper activity has occurred. The County’s investigation is being conducted concurrently with the ongoing SBI investigation involving potential payroll irregularities.

With the support of the accounting firm of Cherry Bekaert LLP, the County has substantially completed its investigation minus one important piece of information – unaltered timesheets kept by the Sheriff’s Department in the ordinary course of business. These critical records, we believe, will help pinpoint anomalies that have occurred and could help answer many questions. The County does not seek any information maintained in the SBI or Sheriff Department’s investigative files.

Unfortunately, the County’s petition to obtain access to the timesheets was denied. While we understand the technicalities in the law that required the judge to rule this way, we are simply surprised and disappointed that the Sheriff’s Department – which has the ability to release the timesheets immediately – continues to deny the County access to these critical documents.

Not doing so is a loss for Hoke County and all of its citizens. When there is not transparency and our citizens are not given access to information, there are no winners. The County has committed to being transparent regardless of what is discovered. We ask that the Sheriff’s Department do the same. What is the benefit to the Sheriff’s Department in withholding information that will give Hoke County citizens the answers they deserve now?

We hope others will join us in asking that the timesheets be shared immediately with Cherry Bekaert – the independent investigators engaged by the County. The longer this drags out, the more our community suffers.

Our priority remains providing the SBI with our full cooperation. The results of Cherry Bekaert’s investigation will immediately be turned over to the District Attorney and the SBI as promised. We remain transparent and are committed to our citizens and to restoring confidence in the County. 

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