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The Hoke County Board of Elections has been serving its citizens since the 1950's. As of today Hoke County has 30,000 plus registered voters, with fifteen precincts, and two one stop sites.

The Hoke County Board of Elections

  • Registers voters and maintains voter records;
  • Files candidates, prepare and issue ballots, and conduct elections;
  • Appoints and trains poll workers;
  • Sets precinct lines, and arranges for polling places in each precinct;
  • Reviews and verifies petitions;
  • Receives and preserves campaign reports;
  • Hears Challenges and protests, and investigate allegations and irregularities.

Voter Statistics by Precinct

PrecinctTotal VotersDemRepGreCstLibUna
Blue Springs872513111005243
Puppy Creek42531507111813401584
Raeford # 11410887181006336
Raeford # 2921513135003270
Raeford # 33349178553023261003
Raeford # 41952987332018624
Raeford  # 56645691100084

Candidate Filing Information

  • Where to file:
    • The following candidates file at the State Board of Elections office
      • Governor (Filing Fee $1,510)
      • Lieutenant Governor (Filing Fee $1,334)
      • All State executive officers (Filing Fee $1, 334)
      • Justices of the Supreme Court (Filing Fee $1,528)
      • Judges of the Court of Appeals (Filing Fee $1,465)
      • Judges of the superior court (Filing Fee $1,386)
      • Judges of the district court (Filing Fee $1,220)
      • United States Senators (Filing Fee $1,740)
      • Members of the House of Representatives of the United States (Filing Fee $1,740)
      • District attorneys (Filing Fee $1,340
    • The following candidates file at the County Board of Elections office in the county in which they are registered.

      • State Senators (Filing Fee $140)

      • Members of the State House of Representatives (Filing Fee $140)

      • All County Offices:

        • Hoke County Commissioner (2 Seats) Filing Fee $140

        • Hoke County Register of Deeds (1 Seat) Filing Fee $432

  • When to file:
    • Candidate filing for most 2020 contests begins on December 2, 2019 at noon and ends on December 20, 2019 at noon.
    • More information including filing fees and the updated notice of candidacy form will be made available in November. 
    • Some county offices, such as Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor, will file during a different filing period.  
    • Please check with your county for information about filing fees and dates for county specific contests.
    • Soil and Water (files in June/July) $5.00
    • Board of Education (files in July) Filing Fee at a later Date

Filing Fees

  • Filing fees are generally 1% of base salary.